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Lucao Township Office

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Lucao Township Office網站



    Brief introduction of Lucao township

    Geographical position:

    Lucao township lies in the southwest of Chiayi county, located in the central of Chia Nan plain, eastern to Zhongshan freeway and contiguous to Shueishang township, there are Budai township and Yijhu township in the west, and connected with Puzih city in northwest. In south are boundary between Bazhang river and Houbi township of Tainan county. In north link with Taibao city . Southwest total 14 km, the total square measure is 54.3151 sq. km..

    Topography and geology:

    The topography slopes from the Northeast to southwest in the township, the terrain is smooth, about 10.2 kilometers long from east to west and about 9.7 kilometers from north to south, the largest rivers and creeks are Bazhang river, surround in the south of the township from east to west, The village Yamu river pass through from east to west. The soil of home town is the clay of Taiwan mostly, the soil near Bazhang river is sandstone and alluvial soil. The climate and rainfall: The township located on the west of Taiwan, It"s temperate in climate throughout the year, the annual rainfall lies between 1100-1500 millimeters, concentrates on May to September in rainy season, and take 75% of the whole annual rainfall, annual average temperature 23.6, according to whole word, quite plentiful rainfall have, quite appropriate for agricultural production, while summer season is regarded southwest monsoon as much, it is relatively strong to enter the monsoon after autumn, the typhoon period is from July to September every year, terrain of township is smooth, if have not changed of weather such as the wind direction towards entering directly, the crops are damaged seriously.

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